PHD Application Submitted

So…..the lass from Leeds has put an application in for a PHD…who’d a thunked it. Finally, after many years of searching and flirting around the world of mental health, I have found something I am passionate enough about to study in detail.

I am of course feeling highly anxious about it, in need of some quiet time, so planning on attending meditation class tomorrow. First, some early morning much needed exercise. Operation body/ mind beautiful will commence tomorrow.

Early night…

I am up with the larks tomorrow as travelling all the way to Aberdeen. Bed and book me thinks.

Chilling in the garden!

Today I am enjoying the sunshine, as who knows how long it will last! Trying to enjoy a mindful moment, listening to the birds chirp!

Amazing what the sun on your face does to energise you!

Ahhhh, after the loooonnnggg winter, Spring has finally sprung. Sites/ sounds and sensation that have brought joy this week include…

The cherry blossom trees along Monkseaton Drive.

The Lilly plant in my garden that bares flowers before actual leaves!

The quiet crunching of biscuits as my kitties eat.

The relief as I eat a revel that’s not coffee…🤩

The flat ocean, as I drive along the coast home.

Sunny Friday!

After a long week in my full time job as a Nurse Consultant, I have logged off, for 10 glorious and possibly sunny days, though unlikely in the North East.

This week I have done 5 outpatient clinics, seeing people with trauma related problems that are related to complex health problems, or persistent physical symptoms.

I was involved in 4 MDT meetings, a joint assessment with the rehabilitation after critical illness team and some ward visits.

Managed to get my to do list done! and finished the week, with my afternoon working for NHS England, as s Clinical Lead for the Network for Liaison Psychiatry.

My plans this week are to attend some meditation classes at the Buddhist centre. Then finishing the house reconfiguration in terms of the function of my rooms!

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